Crazy Hand

Crazy Hand
Crazy Hand from Brawl

[edit] Backround

Crazy Hand, the left hand of the Master Hand/Crazy Hand combination first made his appearance in the Smash Bros. Series in Melee. If, approaching the final stage in less than 9 minutes, you fight both Master and Crazy Hand in Brawl. They can work together as a team, using devastating combined attacks.

Master Hand, his partner, is known as the "Hand of Creation", while Crazy Hand is known as the "Hand of Destruction". Crazy hand is not in SSE while Master Hand is.

[edit] Attacks

Crazy Hands attacks are as followed:

  • He quickly slaps across the stage
  • He balls up his hand in a fist and follows you then he slams his hand to the ground as a fist
  • Same as above except as a slap
  • He puts his fingers close together, flies of screen then slams down on the stage in a drill motion
  • He puts out his index finger and flicks across the stage
  • He puts out his index finger and follows you then starts trying to flick you
  • He falls onto the floor and starts shaking rapidly cuasing an earthquake kidn of effect
  • He flies off and then comes at you from th Z-axis with the tips of his fingers
  • He starts spewing a large amount of bombs from his finger tips
  • He walks across the stage on all five fingersand flicks you if you are in his path
  • He starts following you with his hand opened up then quickly tries to grab you

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