A Crate as it appears in Brawl


[edit] Item Effect

The Crate has been in every Super Smash Bros. game. To break it you either hit it or throw it. When you break it 2-4 items will appear. But be careful, sometimes they can be disguised as explosives! In Super Smash Bros. Brawl some Crates have wheels so when you hit it, it will roll and trample anything in its path, it is also possible to stand on top of these crates. Crates as well as barrels, look different on certain stages in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a metallic appearance on futuristic stages and being wrapped up like a present in more fantastic stages

[edit] Trophy Description

"Item holders. You can destroy these to get at the items they contain, but be careful, because they will sometimes explode when broken. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, crates were uniform in design, but this time around, their appearance will change to match the stages. They'll sometimes look futuristic--other times, they'll look like presents with fancy ribbons."

[edit] Strategy

Crates are heavy items that only Donkey Kong can move around with any sort of decent speed with. That being said, should you want to throw one at someone, you will need to be sure that nobody is around you when you pick it up since you are wide open to attacks while carrying it due to being unable to move very fast or jump at all. However, should you be able to hit someone with a Crate, it will have decent knock back power. Attacking it is still probably safer since you still can't throw the Crate very far unless it's a rolling one. Even with the rolling ones, it's better to just hit it with a simple attack to get it moving. Be careful though as characters with reflector techniques or counter-attack techniques will be able to nullify damage from a rolling Crate and sometimes send it back where it came from with greater force. Otherwise, just keep in mind that it's a heavy object that's difficult to carry around, but has decent knock back power if you throw it onto someone.

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