Cracker Launcher

Cracker Launcher
Cracker Launcher.jpg
Cracker Launcher
Type Projectile
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Silver, cannon-like
Size: Medium
Strength: Strong

[edit] Item Effect

The Cracker Launcher is a special item that spits firecrackers when it is fired. The player can change the angle of the blast when ever he/she wants. There is a limited amount of crackers that can be fired, and can be shot at different speeds. When it is empty the item can also be thrown for some extra damage. There is a sticker that allows the player, whenever in Adventure Mode, to always have the cracker launcher.

[edit] Strategy

Similarly to the Crate, Barrel, and Party Ball items, when holding a Cracker Launcher, a character's movements are much more sluggish. However, unlike those carrier items, you are able to run, albeit slower than usual, and jump up once. Tragectory is key for using this item as the firecrackers are launched in the direction the Cracker Launcher is pointing. Gravity will eventually bring all the firecrackers down at the exact same angle they go up in. It is worthy of note that the last firecracker launched is somewhat stronger than all of the others. As with all items that shoot projectiles, you must be careful of opponents that have reflector techniques to deflect the firecrackers. Also, you will be defenseless to attacks launched from the side your back is turned to, so feel free to get rid of the Cracker Launcher to avoid major damage. To change directions, you must jab the control stick toward the direction you want to turn.(left to face left and right to look right) When thrown, the Cracker Launcher does have a decent amount of knock back, knocking opponents up in the air in a more vertical direction than horizontal.

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