Cook Kirby

Cook Kirby
Kirby Final Smash.jpg
Kirby enjoying his time in the kitchen

Cook Kirby is Kirby's Final Smash. He starts off by transforming into cook kirby and banging some pans together, throwing any nearby opponents and items in the pot. (If no opponents and/or items are nearby, he still activates it.) If caught in, they get stirred around in boiling soup water while racking up damage, and then get shot out with decent knockback, some items will also be produced. This Final Smash can be avoided in some cases, one being Zelda's transformation into Sheik. Another is swapping out Pokémon when playing as Pokémon Trainer. Cook Kirby does at total of 24% and can cook 3 opponents.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash by completing all star mode with Kirby.

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