Cloud Strife

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Cloud Strife
Cloud 4.png
Cloud's Official Artwork
Character Information
Series Final Fantasy
Original Debut Final Fantasy VII (1997)
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U
Smash Bros. Information
3DS / Wii U DLC
Special Moves
Standard Move Blade Beam
Side Move Cross Slash
Up Move Climhazzard
Down Move Limit Charge
Finishing Touch
Final Smash Omnislash


[edit] Background

Cloud Strife is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and appears in other Final Fantasy VII spin-offs. He claims to have been formerly part of an elite unit known as SOLDIER, but soon discovers his memories are false. Together with his friends, he works to reconcile his past.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Cloud was officially unveiled as a playable fighter during the November 12, 2015 Nintendo Direct. He was released shortly after the final Smash presentation on December 15, 2015 along with the Midgar stage, at a price of $5.99 for one game, or $6.99 for both.

[edit] Moveset

[edit] Ground Attacks

[edit] Smash Attacks

[edit] Other Attacks

[edit] Aerial Attacks

[edit] Grabs and Throws

[edit] Special Moves

[edit] Taunts

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