Bonus Fruit

Cherries fly in a low arc. After hitting the floor, they'll only bounce once


Pacman uses Bonus Fruit

Bonus Fruit is Pacman's neutral special move. Pac Man will raise above his head one of his iconic fruit icons: Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Melon, Galaxian, Bell, and Key. These items will cycle as shown. After raising one of the above items, it will perform its unique ability. Pacman can hold onto these items after raising them. The unique abilities for each item can be found below:

Item Ability
Cherry Bounces twice before disappearing.
Strawberry Bounces three times before disappearing.
Orange Travels in a straight line.
Apple Bounces along the ground for greater distances.
Melon Travels slowly but does more damage.
Galaxian Travels in a arc and then drops to the ground. If it hits someone, it will cause paralysis.
Key Travels in a straight line, dealing heavy damage.
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