Bomb is the down special move of Link, Young Link, Toon Link and Samus.


[edit] Link's Incarnations

[edit] Link

Link throws his bomb

Your bombs are special ones - the explosion from hitting an enemy won't hurt you.


Link's down special will prompt him to withdraw a bomb. After a brief moment, the bomb will begin to flash red in color, indicating its impending explosion. Throwing the bomb at opponents deals minor damage to them. While the explosion of hitting enemies might not hurt Link, holding the bomb until explosion will. Alternatively, opponents can also catch and return--or in some cases, reflect--Link's bomb right back at him -- which, too, will hurt Link.

[edit] Young Link

Young Link's bomb act similarly to Link's but explode multiple times upon impact.

[edit] Toon Link

Toon Link throws his bomb

Similarly to Link, Toon Link's Bomb is his down special move, which prompts him to withdraw a bomb. Toon Link's Bomb's explosion is much larger than Link's, consequently dealing more damage in the process.

[edit] Samus

The Bomb that Samus deploys is a Morph Ball Bomb. It explodes a short time after she drops it for a small amount of damage.

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