Classic-looking Barrel


[edit] Item Effect

A Barrel is an item that has other items inside.You can either throw them or break them to reveal what is inside.The Barrel's visual style changes depending on the stage you are in.The styles are listed below:

  • On sci-fi type stages they change to a futuristic style
  • On more imaginative stages they look present-like

Be careful though as sometimes when you throw a barrel it rolls and can damage you. Barrels can also be explosive, so handle with care.

[edit] Trophy Description

"Item holders similar to crates--their appearance will also change to fit the area. When you throw a barrel, it won't shatter, but rather roll across the stage. When a rolling barrel hits a character, that character gets sent sailing. Barrels are heavy, so you'll need two hands to pick them up, and your foot speed will decrease too."

[edit] Strategy

Much like the Crate, the Barrel is very difficult to carry around, making you extremely slow and unable to jump unless you're Donkey Kong, who can still only jump up once while holding a Barrel. Barrels will often roll around if they are hit, so be careful once one starts rolling around. Reflector techniques and counter-attack techniques can prevent a player from taking damage from a rolling barrel and often times send it right back where it came from. Other than a Barrel rolling on its side, strategies used with the Crate work just fine with playing with a Barrel.

[edit] Similar Items

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