Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight
Balloon Fight.png
Universe Balloon Fight
Home Stage N/A
Availability Unlockable

Balloon Fight is a stage available in Super Smash Bros. 3DS, originating from the game of the same name. This stage can be unlocked after playing as Villager in three matches.


[edit] Design

The stage uses the original 8-bit graphics from the Balloon Fight game. It has three different layouts, all containing different colored grass; green, blue-green, and orange-brown. Each variation contains a different layout of platforms, with water spread across the bottom of the stage. A fish will attempt to drag fighters down and KO them if they come too close to the water. The stage also contains flippers, which will harm fighters that come into contact. This stage also allows fighters to safely traverse to either side of the stage without self-destructing, unless decent amount of knockback is dealt.

[edit] Origin

The stage is based on the original Balloon Fight game, which involves a player with a helmet and two balloons strapped to it flying around various levels, defeating enemies along the way. The green grass variation of the stage takes inspiration from the Phase 2 stage of the game, however flippers did not appear in the original level.

[edit] Stage Music

  • Balloon Fight Medley
  • Balloon Trip

[edit] Gallery

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