Assist Trophy

Assist Trophy
Assist Trophy.jpg
Type Reactive
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Appearance: Blue, golden, tube-like
Size: Small
Strength: Varies


[edit] The Trophy

An Assist Trophy is an item in the shape of a capsule in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Once somebody grabs it, it takes a few seconds for them to activate it. Once they are activated, there is no stopping the power, with a few exceptions. However, with the time it takes to activate it, knocking your opponent into the air will sometimes cause him/her to drop it. Also, when the person holding the Assist Trophy Dies, the Assist Trophy is lost as well.

[edit] Strategy

You should always treat this item like you would a Smash Ball. Although the Assist Trophy is not like any other item in the game, it has the potential to possess the same game changing qualities as a Smash Ball. Since many players will go after it like they would a Smash Ball or a Heart Container, it can become quite dangerous when trying to get an Assist Trophy. There is no way to tell who is within the Assist Trophy as that is always random. However, it will serve you well to treat it like one of the Offensive Assist Trophies listed above. Keep in mind however, that you will be open to attacks as you start to activate the Assist Trophy. This can be an opponent's invitation to attack you freely just before you manage to activate the Assist Trophy. Also remember that if you are in the air with an Assist Trophy, your character will try to activate it the instant they touch the ground. Sometimes, when you attack someone activating an Assist Trophy, they will drop it just like any other item. When it's dropped, the Assist Trophy is fair game again. If you can't get to the Assist Trophy quick enough, try attacking the person who got it as much as you can in the hopes that they will drop it.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Offensive Trophies
Trophy Name Trophy Effect
Andross Spews panels at opponents.
Barbara Plays a guitar which creates a small circular barrier that inflicts damage.
Custom Robo Ray Mk III Flies to the top of the stage and fires missiles and lasers all over the stage.
Dr. Wright Creates a skyscraper that hits nearby foes.
Excitebike Several bikes race around the stage dealing damage to enemies that are hit.
Gray Fox Attacks the nearest enemy with swiping fury.
Hammer bro. Throws hammers across the stage.
Infantry and Tanks They move across platforms while shooting at opponents.
Isaac Uses ? and projectiles to push opponents off the stage.
Jeff Creates a model rocket set which shoots missiles at nearby opponents.
Jill Races back and forth across the platform, damaging opponents with it's drill.
Kat and Ana Attacks diagonally against the nearest opponent.
Knukle Joe Punches furiously against the nearest opponent.
Lakitu and Spinies Lakitu flies and sends Spinies to the platforms below.
Little Mac Unleashes a barrage of punches against the nearest opponent.
Lyn Slashes a single opponent, similar to Marth's Critical Hit. This often results in an instant KO.
Metroid He chases nearby opponents, running away can prevent the damage he deals.
Saki Amamiya Shoots at distant opponents and slashes nearby opponents.
Samurai Goroh Recklessly slashes naerby opponents.
Stafy A weak star spins around and attacks, can be knocked away.
Waluigi Recklessly stomps on nearby foes and finishes with the swing of his racket.
Utility Trophies
Trophy Name Trophy Effect
Devil Changes the camera, sometimes it moves away from the characters causing them to take off-screen damage.
Helirin Creates a spinning platform that can block attacks.
Mr. Resetti Creates a large speech bubble on the screen, blocking view of the stage and characters.
Nintendog Blocks view of the stage and charactersn with his paw.
Shadow The Hedgehog Uses chaos control to slow down all opponents.
Tingle Leaves around a large group of the same items such as Hammer's, or occasionally nothing at all.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Offensive Trophies
Trophy Name Trophy Effect
Andross Blows panels at the opponents.
Ashley Creates a dark cloud around her, damaging opponents caught in it.
Chain Chomp Attacks opponents by biting them.
Color TV-Game 15 Starts a game of Pong, damaging opponents hit by the ball.
Dark Samus Fires multiple beams at opponents.
Dillon Charges his attack while curled into a ball, attacking nearby players, similar to Sonic's Homing Attack.
Dr. Kawashima Summons multiple bubbled numbers. If two numbers hit each other and equal 10, it explodes and damages opponents nearby.
Dr. Wright Summons a large building from the ground, damaging nearby opponents.
Elec Man Shoots opponents with multiple Thunder Beams.
Ghirahim Attacks opponents using his sword and knives. Teleports back to the stage should he be knocked off.
Ghosts Summons the ghosts from Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, moving around the stage and damaging opponents who come into contact.
Hammer Bro. Attacks opponents by flinging hammers at them.
Infantry and Tanks Multiple infantrymen and tanks swarm the stage, shooting at opponents and moving in the direction of the player who summoned them.
Jeff Shoots four homing rockets at the opponents, and a large fifth one.
Kat and Ana Flies around the stage, slashing at opponents that come into contact.
Knuckle Joe Attacks the opponent with multiple Vulcan Jabs, then finishes with either a Rising Break or Smash Punch.
Lakitu Drops Spinies onto the stage, damaging opponents that touch them.
Lyn The screen darkens as she focuses her attack, and teleports to slash the closest opponent, similar to Meta Knight's Galaxia Darkness.
Magnus Attacks opponents with his sword.
Metroid Latches onto opponents and causes damage. Opponents cannot use recovery moves while being attacked, but can shake the Metroid off or attack it.
Midna Attacks by grabbing opponents with her hair and throwing them around the stage.
Mother Brain Fires a large rainbow beam at opponents, and summons Rinka enemies.
Phosphora Teleports around the stage, firing lightning bolts at opponents.
Prince of Sablé Transforms into either a frog or a snake, unleashing a fury of attacks against nearby opponents.
Saki Amamiya Slashes at opponents, as well as shooting with his Dolphin Gun.
Samurai Goroh Moves around the stage slashing at opponent.
Sheriff Shoots at opponents with his gun.
Starfy Spins around the stage, attacking opponents.
Starman Teleports around the stage, firing lightning bolts at opponents.
Takamaru Slashes at opponents, and throws shurikens.
Waluigi Stomps opponents into the ground, and finishes with either a strong kick or a strong hit with his tennis racket.
Utility Trophies
Trophy Name Trophy Effect
Devil Changes the stage boundaries, causing opponents to take damage off-screen.
Isabelle Throws fruit at the player who summoned her, healing them.
Nightmare Wizard Appears in the background, and causes the screen to blacken. This causes players to fight blindly.
Nintendog Appears in front of the stage, obscuring the players' view.
Riki Uses a variety of Arts, such as Happy Happy, which heals nearby players. Bedtime causes opponents to fall asleep, Yoink causes opponents to trip, and Freezinate freezes opponents.
Shadow the Hedgehog Uses Chaos Control, slowing down the movements of the opponents.
Skull Kid Summons a variety of effects, such as turning the stage upside down or reversing the players' controls.
Tingle Summons a variety of effects, such as summoning multiple Hammers or Banana Peels, or floating away doing nothing.

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