Two players fight off a group of Alloys.
Series Appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance They come in yellow,red,blue,and green
How many 30

The Multi-Man Mode always has some sort of army to square off against. First the Fighting Polygon Team, then the Fighting Wire Frames, now the Alloys. These robot-like creatures actually resemble what the Polygons looked like, but they don't come in only purple (Alloys don't even come in purple).

There are four Alloy variations, each one is different.

  • Yellow Alloy
  • Blue Alloy
  • Green Alloy
  • Red Alloy


[edit] Yellow Alloy

The Yellow Allow is well...colored yellow. It resembles and fights like Mario.

Looks like:Mario in a yellow suit with horns.

[edit] Blue Alloy

The Blue Alloy is similar to the female Wire Frame, as both resemble and fight like Zelda.

Looks like:Zelda in a blue robot suit that includes a robotic ponytail.

[edit] Green Alloy

This Alloy resembles and fights like Kirby. This makes the Green Alloy harder to knock off the stage, as it comes equiped with extra jumps.

Looks like:Kirby in a green robot suit with frog feet and is bigger.

[edit] Red Alloy

In the trophy description, the Red Alloy is descibed as the Alloy leader. It resembles and fights like Captain Falcon.

Looks Like:Captain Falcon in a red robot suit with a small head and shoulder armor.

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