Haha, you wish. ;D
Alias Hera // Mia // Succubus
Real Name Mia
Age 17
Location Gray, Maine, USA
Status FreeTime Smasher
Melee Main Peach
Brawl Main Peach // Marth


Talk Section

Hai Dar Mia :3 We should brawl sometime ^^

No thanks. I really detest brawling online. Lag is to much to bear. -Hera


Succubus, or Mia, as she likes, is a FreeTime smasher, in other words she doesn't really like to be competitive. She loves maining Meta Knight and annoying her enemies with constant recovery.

Mains List 1-5

Brawl Update

I finally got around to playing again yesterday. I beat my friends in a tourney for 4 people. I won twice, came in 2nd onces, and last once.

History In SmashBros. Saga

Through the entire saga, Mia has loved the competitive play that is the main point of the game. Even though see enjoys Melee better than Brawl, she still plays Brawl just to prove that it doesn't matter which game it is, she still pwns.

Wins/Losses in Brawls(Over WiFi)

Losses - 144 (I'm having a losing streak.)

Wins - 137

Tournaments Won: 2 !!!!!


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