Murray3, better and more commonly known as just Murray is a very long lived member of Neo. His post count is low, while his joining date is extremely early.

When playing Smash Brothers he tends to play based on instinct and natural reactions as otherwise he puts too much force into trying to pull off a single technique (like a meteor smash) and ends up ruining his game.

He mains Dedede, Wario and Luigi (in that order), they aren't very alike but all share the notion of having both speedy and powerful attacks at their command. Furthermore he seconds Ice Climbers, Mr. Game and Watch and Ness (Again, in that order), although Ness is rarely used to play someone in serious competition he will finds Ness fun to use and as a Mother fan probably thinks he needs a Mother main.

Currently, he does not have Brawl in his possession as it his Wii was recently updated to play Animal Crossing.

He once planned on maining (or at least close seconding) ROB but his close Neo-friend Weldar mained him, in a similar situation he planned on maining Toon Link but his friend in Real Life and Neoseeker Gangey had mained him.

Basic understanding of strategy:

Dedede: When he realises his tactics are failing he throws a Waddle Dee in a fit of panic, however this has a tendancy to create something of a mind game and often flips the tide of battle unexpectedly. Waddle Dees are also used in the air against opponents who are just outside attack range. Using reverse aerial rushes and Forward Aerials to create the illusion of powerful attacks coming he puts alot of effort into chasing opponents in the air, the low movement speed being only a plus when creating an approach that actually works defencively. Inhale is used like Wario's Chomp but often near or under drop through platforms. He often pulls out the Jet Hammer, but he explains this as wanting to find out a practical use for an impractical technique. He often uses Super Dedede Jump to avoid approaches entirely and continue his defensive approach. Chain grabs are used frequently like any good Dedede player. Murray uses the Forward Smash intelligently, oftenusing it when he knows it has a good chance of hitting, however his preferred methods of KO often are his Down Smash and Bair/Fair, however Gordos have occaisionally made unexpectedly cheap KOs.

Wario: Never likes to fully Charge Wario Waft as he thinks it makes it predictable, instead he tries to use it around 60%. He plays in the air using every aerial but never gets a chance to use Uair for some reason, even when following an up-throw. Smashes are used consistantly and with no real consideration for what they could do, Hyphen smash is always used and the dash attack never and his choice between Down-smash and Forward Smash is random, although he knows the Down-smash is too laggy to be of much use he beleives that the range can be surprising if the opponent is expecting something else by which he means the Forward-Smash. In several situations Murray will use the bike to attack, he then proceeds to drop his bike off the edge, usually in time to free his recovery. Chomp is also used frequently to destroy approaches and the occaisional gyro. The Cork screw is occaisionally used offensively to damage but not much more.

Luigi: Murray puts a lot of stock into his Fire Jump Punches, those who know his Luigi never climb ledges and always jump up. He tends to use Short hop double Aerials alot but to limited success, when coming out of hitstun he often opens a Nair to surprise enemies by booting them upwards. A flaw in his style is the lack of Smashes other than Hyphen smashes, although occaisionally the forward smash is used against certain foes who are hard to land a Fire Jump Punch. He also overuses Green Missile in hopes of a misfire but so far he has yet to see a misfire in a real match, despite its frequent usage. Grabs occaisionally but never pummels.

Ice Climbers: Occaisionally just blitzes out using random but constant De-sync attacks, but often tries to stay air-born and pelt the opponent(s) with short-hopped attacks, on the ground he uses all kinds of attacks to fight. His preferred method of approach is either by air or by Hyphen Smash.

Mr. Game and Watch: Can only be explained as natural reactions and Aerial rushes.

Ness: Often PK flash will be used on airborn opponents and D-tilt will be used very frequently. A few problems with approach are there but often plays in a controlled spacing environment with Ness.