User:Jameson user

Jameson user
Alias Jameson user
Real Name  ???? ??????
Age I'm a teenager!
Location MA, USA
Status Casual Smasher, I can be competitive sometimes

Jameson user is, well, a brawler who has worked very hard in the past to collect trophies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl storyline bosses. He is most proud of his collection of boss trophies, which has now been completed.

"Brawl rulez. Not that I have no life or anything. " - Jameson user

Jameson user mains Marth, Luigi, and Mario. He used to main Luigi more, but converted to Marth when told that he is better as Marth than Luigi. He is currently in training with Marth.

He dislikes doing and fighting opponents who do the following:

  • Spam Smash moves, especially Ike
  • Quitting in the middle of a match
  • Climbing over one another for Smash Balls
  • Win due to items
  • Losing

He is currently in search for someone who can train him to be better with Marth and Luigi. Mario is just for Casual Brawls.

He won a local tournament a few months ago.