Player description

I'm definitely not the best brawler out there, I try none the less. I like using the female characters a lot and have a tendency to not use high-top tiered characters. If you main Falco or Marth, be expected to win instantly. :\



Peach is pretty much my lead character, I just love using her even though recently I have been straying away from her and finding different characters to play as. She is very unique and hopefully I can become even better with her. <3


My secondary, the magic princess. She gets a lot of people confused using her smash attacks, lock in D-Tilt and awesome projectile, Zelda was my main in Melee also so I kind of already know how to use her. =x


Pikachu is what makes my triple threat team complete, his quick and deadly aerials make him sexlicious, plus who does't love confusing people by Quickthundering? :D

In training


Boy, I loved her in Melee, but now she is rubbish. but of course that doesn't stop me from using her! Campy to the max, but also has some decent aerials. lol if you get caught in my missile spam. ;D

Sixth Sense shout-out:
he means serious business