Triforce Slash

Triforce Slash
Triforce Slash.jpg
Link finishing off Wario after slashing him several times

Triforce Slash is the Final Smash which belongs to Link and Toon Link. The opponent is trapped between two Triforce that Link/Toon Link shoot out of the back of their hands, and gets slashed repeatedly by Link/Toon Link's sword. It racks up around 60%+ damage with one use of it, then hitting the opponent with a large blow, usually resulting in a KO. Other opponents may also get hit if they come too close. Link's Final Smash range goes all the way across Final Destination, while Toon Link's only goes half the distance.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash when completing all star mode with Link for a trophy of Link's version or Toon Link for a trophy of Toon Link's version.

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