A Trackball in Subspace Emissary.
First Appeared In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Trackball is a fixed item in Subspace Emissary. It is first seen in The Jungle as a pink sphere attached to a silver pathway. If the player attacks the circle, it will speed along the path, damaging or often KO'ing enemies that it hits. The strength of the trackball depends on the strength of the attack. If the track for the Trackball is "open" (has a start and end), then it will return to the starting point when it reaches the end or has no more momentum. If the path is a closest circuit, then it will remain where it stopped. They cannot be hit while in motion. On harder difficulties, Trackballs are harder to move, and run out of momentum quicker. So they need to be hit harder and more frequently to defeat enemies.

Trackballs appear in two cases: to help in areas with several enemies or to open up paths that are blocked by a certain block only breakable by the Trackball. These blocks are called Trackblocks. These blocks will be destroyed no matter what the speed of the Trackball.

In some areas there are "chains" of Trackballs. In this case, when one Track ball is hit, it will smash into the other Trackballs and cause them to move at their greatest possible speed.

A few Giant Trackballs can be seen in The Wilds II. Their paths are invisible until they are struck. These Trackballs will deal more damage.

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