The axe is surprisingly powerful! You can swing it at your rivals as long as the tree is standing!


Timber in action!

Timber is Villager's down B special move. Timber is comprised of three stages: planting a seed, watering the seed and then chopping the tree that grows from the seed down, all of which is done by using down-B. When the villager is grounded, down B will initially have him plant a sapling in the ground. By using down B again, the Villager will water the plant, prompting a tree to sprout out from the ground. This tree will effectively act as a shield from opponents, knocking them back and inflicting damage on them. By using down B for the third time, Villager will swing an axe. Hit the tree with the axe twice, and the tree will come falling down, inflicting massive damage on any opponents that it comes in contact with.

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