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[edit] General Information

A tier list is a ranking of characters skill level and performance, which is mostly based on tournaments. Tier List indicate how each character should perform and execute strategies effectively, Performance and rankings are based on tournaments. Tiers measure the potential and effectiveness of each character based on all known moves and strategies that have been shown to be useful and preformed effectively. Tier lists are very common for fighting. Tiers mean absolutely nothing on personal preference. Tiers are just used to rank the highest rated characters, and nothing more.

[edit] Tier Lists

[edit] Super Smash Bros.

Current as of May 12th, 2015.

S Tier PikachuHead4.png KirbyHead4.png
A Tier CaptainFalconHead4.png FoxHead4.png YoshiHead4.png
B Tier JigglypuffHead4.png MarioHead4.png
C Tier SamusHead4.png DonkeyKongHead4.png NessHead4.png LinkHead4.png LuigiHead4.png

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Current as of December 10th, 2015.

SS Tier FoxHead4.png
S Tier FalcoHead4.png MarthHead4.png SheikHead4.png
A Tier JigglypuffHead4.png PeachHead4.png
B Tier IceClimbersHead.png CaptainFalconHead4.png
C Tier PikachuHead4.png SamusHead4.png
D Tier DrMarioHead4.png YoshiHead4.png LuigiHead4.png
E Tier GanondorfHead4.png MarioHead4.png YoungLinkHead.png DonkeyKongHead4.png LinkHead4.png
F Tier Game&WatchHead4.png RoyHead4.png MewtwoHead4.png ZeldaHead4.png NessHead4.png
G Tier PichuHead.png BowserHead4.png KirbyHead4.png

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Current as of April 25th, 2013.

SS Tier MetaKnightHead4.png
S Tier IceClimbersHead.png
A+ Tier OlimarHead4.png DiddyKongHead4.png
A- Tier MarthHead4.png SnakeHead.png FalcoHead4.png
B Tier PikachuHead4.png ZSSHead4.png WarioHead4.png
C+ Tier LucarioHead4.png DededeHead4.png ToonLinkHead4.png
C Tier WolfHead.png FoxHead4.png Game&WatchHead4.png PitHead4.png
C- Tier ROBHead4.png PeachHead4.png
D Tier KirbyHead4.png DonkeyKongHead4.png SonicHead4.png IkeHead4.png (ZeldaHead4.png/SheikHead4.png) SheikHead4.png NessHead4.png YoshiHead4.png
E Tier LuigiHead4.png PokemonTrainerHead.png LucasHead4.png
F Tier MarioHead4.png SamusHead4.png BowserHead4.png CaptainFalconHead4.png LinkHead4.png JigglypuffHead4.png ZeldaHead4.png GanondorfHead4.png

[edit] Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Current as of Patch 1.1.6 on March 1st, 2017.

S Tier BayonettaHead4.png DiddyKongHead4.png CloudHead4.png SheikHead4.png
A Tier SonicHead4.png MarioHead4.png FoxHead4.png RosalinaHead4.png MewtwoHead4.png MarthHead4.png ZSSHead4.png RyuHead4.png
B Tier CorrinHead4.png MetaKnightHead4.png PikachuHead4.png MegaManHead4.png VillagerHead4.png LucinaHead4.png LucarioHead4.png ToonLinkHead4.png PeachHead4.png GreninjaHead4.png CaptainFalconHead4.png
C Tier NessHead4.png BowserHead4.png LuigiHead4.png OlimarHead4.png DonkeyKongHead4.png YoshiHead4.png PitHead4.png DarkPitHead4.png LucasHead4.png ROBHead4.png RobinHead4.png
D Tier IkeHead4.png WarioHead4.png DuckHuntHead4.png ShulkHead4.png LinkHead4.png Game&WatchHead4.png
E Tier SamusHead4.png PalutenaHead4.png LittleMacHead4.png RoyHead4.png CharizardHead4.png PacManHead4.png KirbyHead4.png BowserJrHead4.png WiiFitTrainerHead4.png FalcoHead4.png DrMarioHead4.png
F Tier DededeHead4.png GanondorfHead4.png MiiGunnerHead4.png ZeldaHead4.png MiiFighterHead4.png MiiSwordfighterHead4.png JigglypuffHead4.png

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