The Ruined Hall

The Galleom in The Ruined Hall

The Ruined Hall is a boss-only level in which the Galleom is fought once more. Lucas and Poke`mon Trainer come across a dead-end in The Ruins,a giant circular chamber. The Galleom falls in,previously fought by Marth, Meta Knight, and Ike. It notices the two Brawlers and prepares for the fight to come.

[edit] BOSS:Galleom

You've already fought the Galleom, but this time he attacks faster.His attacks are as follows:

[edit] Attacks

  • Spinning rapidly.
  • Falling down on you.
  • Jumping multiple times,causing you to get stuck in the ground momentarily.
  • Jumping and landing on you.
  • Firing missiles.
  • Firing missiles while in Tank form,then charging across the screen.
  • Charging across the screen in Tank form.
  • Executing a deadly mega punch.

Upon defeat,the Galleom will grab Lucas and Pokemon Trainer. He opens up his head,revealing a Subspace Bomb. The robot blasts off as the bomb's timer counts down. Think quickly, Lucas uses PK Thunder to destroy the Galleom's hand and releasing the captives. Before they hit the ground, Meta Knight flies in and rescues them from the bomb's explosion.

Wario's Trophy, lying outside of The Ruins, is sucked into Subspace.

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