The Plain

The Plain
The Plain.jpg
The Enemy stop from The Plains.
Characters Introduced None
Level The fifth level of the SSE.
Playable Characters Mario,Pit.
Bosses None

The Plain is the fifth level in the SSE, starring Mario and Pit. There is no cutscene intro to this level-choose either Mario or Pit and you're on your way.

[edit] Enemies

  • Glunder
  • Feyesh
  • Ticken

[edit] The Level

The Plain is quite a straightforward level. Being a plain, it is relatively flat and not that many obstacles are abound. There are three sections to this level:

  • The Plain
  • The Cave
  • Enemy Stop

Once you start they level, you'll notice the new enemy, the Borboras. Its objective is to blow wind to halt your progress. Quite a few Boom Primids and Borboras are attacking you at the start. After continuing forward for a while, you'll reach a wall of destroyable blocks. Break them and you'll be attacked by two Tickens. Head into the cave section of the level.

This level section does have a secret area with item boxes. You'll reach a point in the cave where you drop down and land on breakable blocks. Destroy them, and beat up the Boom Primids and Primids around. There is a hole in the ceiling that you should notice while continuing forward. Wall jump or fly up the passage to find the secret door, guarded by a Feyesh. Once you're done in the secret room, continue forward and beat up the Borboras guarding the door.

When you get outside, you'll notice a stage. Jump on it, and it will take off into the skies. This is the Enemy Stop section. There are three stops. The first one has Fire Primids and Glunders all over it. Continue and you'll be attacked by Spaaks and some Primids. The last one has a wide variety-Spaaks, Fire Primids, Boom Primids, Primids, Glunders and Borboras.

After the final Enemy Stop, the stage will land. Go forward and go through the Golden Door.

You'll be taken to the results screen, then back to the map.

[edit] Music

  • Step: The Plain

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