The Final Battle for Two

Co-Op Event Match 20: The Final Battle of Two
Opponents seen in the Co-Op Event Match 20.
Characters Used Anyone(2 Stocks)
Anyone(2P)(2 Stocks)
Opponents Wario(1 Stock)
King Dedede(1 Stock)
Wolf(1 Stock)
Meta Knight(1 Stock)
Ganondorf(1 Stock)
Bowser(1 Stock)
Stage Final Destination
Availability Unlock all characters and complete Co-Op events 1-10.

Game Description: A fierce battle with nasty rivals! You can't lose now!

The Final Battle of Two is the twentieth co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For this event, the players are able to choose any character as they face off against Wario, King Dedede, Wolf, Meta Knight, Ganondorf, and Bowser on the Final Destination stage.

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