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The Taunt is a move that is designed to annoy and mock opponents or to celebrate a good move or combo. Before Brawl, there use to only be one taunt per character, but in Brawl, characters would have three different taunts that they could use. In Super Smash Bros., the player can perform a taunt by pressing the L button, in Super Smash Bros. Melee, it would be the up on the Directional-Pad. And in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it will be the direction that one presses on the D-Pad or buttons on Wii Remote. So far in the series, only Luigi and Snake have taunts that do damage.

In Melee, when Pichu and Captain Falcon use their taunts, they can have two different animations that depend on which side they are facing. Wario will also have an extra taunt when he is on his bike. Each character will have their own different taunts and each taunt will have the character doing a motion and they also may speak or yell out a battle cry.

Marth is the only character that will speak Japanese in their taunts in the English version. Some "speaking" taunts will change between languages like Jigglypuff.


[edit] List of Taunts

[edit] Mario

  • Will grow to super-size, before shrinking back to normal size again. This size will increase in special matches and actual super mushrooms. (SSB, SSBM, SSBB)
  • Twirl and remove cap. (SSBB)
  • Will spin around in the air with his arms and legs outstretched before falling on his back. (SSBB)

[edit] Donkey Kong

  • Faces the camera and shrugs his shoulders, making a confused noise. (SSB,SSBM,SSBB)
  • DK will beat his chest. (SSBB)
  • Shakes his body. (SSBB)

[edit] Link

  • Stands on one of his legs as he holds his sword in an attack position. (SSB, SSBB)
  • Brushes the back of his hair. (SSBM)
  • Swings his sword before sheathing it and unsheathing it. (SSBB)
  • Navi will fly out in front of him before returning. (SSBB)

[edit] Samus

  • Holds her Arm Cannon up. (SSB, SSBM)
  • Salutes while the jets on her back light up. (SSBB)
  • Points her Arm Cannon behind her before pointing it in front of her.
  • Part of her Arm Cannon pops out. (SSBB)

[edit] Zero Suit Samus

  • Throws and catches the Paralyzer as she says "Is that all?" (SSBB)
  • Spins on one foot as she twirls her Plasma Whip around her waist as she says "You're mine." (SSBB)
  • Lashes her Plasma Whip out as she challenges. (SSBB)

[edit] Yoshi

  • Spins and waves his arms up and down. (SSB)
  • Yoshi will look at the camera as he jumps up and down while chanting. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Dances in a circle. (SSBB)
  • Chases his tail. (SSBB)

[edit] Kirby

  • Waves his hands towards the screen as he says "Hiiii!" (SSB, SSBM, SSBB)
  • Performs a part of his victory dance. (SSBB)
  • Twirls and says "Yew". (SSBB)

[edit] Fox

  • Crosses his arms as he faces the camera. (SSB)
  • Leans back and yells "Com On!" (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Charges up with flames and says "Here I Come!" (SSBB)
  • Throws and catches his blaster. (SSBB)

[edit] Pikachu

  • Waves at the camera as he yells "Pika, Pika! Ahh?". In the original Smash Bros., he waves both arms, while he waves only one in the other two.
  • Charges up its cheeks with electricity. (SSBB)
  • He will lie on the floor and rolls around as he says "Pikaaaaaa!" (SSBB)

[edit] Luigi

  • Crosses his arms behind his back as he looks down and performs a small kick. This kick will actually damage an opponent if they are close. (SSB, SSBM, SSBB)
  • Performs five quick poses as he says "Ho Ha Hee Hay Hoo". (SSBB)
  • Stands straight before falling forward stiff on the floor before balancing himself back up again. (SSBB)

[edit] Captain Falcon

  • Looks at the camera and salutes as he says "Show me Your Moves". (SSB, SSBM, SSBB)
  • Charges himself up with fire. (SSBB)
  • Holds his hand out and yells "Come on!" (SSBB)

[edit] Ness

  • Looks at the camera and nods as he says "Okay!" (SSB, SSBM, SBBB)
  • Points his baseball bat into the air. (SSBB)
  • Fires sparkles in front of him. (SSBB)

[edit] Jigglypuff

  • Rocks backwards and forwards. (SSB)
  • Spins on one foot before saying "Jigglypuff" (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Twirls multiple times before looking up in the air and blinks. (SSBB)
  • Breathes all the air out of itself as it falls to the ground before inflating itself. (SSBB)

[edit] Bowser

  • Throws his head back and lets out a roar. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Balances on one leg. (SSBB)
  • Snaps furiously. (SSBB)

[edit] Princess Peach

  • Does a spin before posing and winking. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Takes her umbrella out and twirls it above her head. (SSBB)
  • Dances as she sings "La la la la la" (SSBB)

[edit] Ice Climbers

  • Swings their hammers in the air. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • They put their hammers down as they jump up and down. (SSBB)
  • Jump in a circle. (SSBB)

[edit] Zelda

  • Holds her hands together like in prayer. (SSBM)
  • Holds one arm up as magic comes out. (SSBB)
  • Waves. (SSBB)
  • Puts her hands together and creates a spell. (SSBB)

[edit] Sheik

  • Holds her hand to her face. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Stands on one hand. (SSBB)
  • Pulls her whip out. (SSBB)

[edit] Dr. Mario

  • Throws her pill up before catching it. (SSBM)

[edit] Ganondorf

  • Hovers in mid0air and spins as he laughs evily. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Slams his fist into his open palm twice. (SSBB)
  • Takes his sword out and looks at it before they put it back. (SSBB)

[edit] Falco

  • Spins on one foot as he performs a series of punches. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Kicks his reflector around before catching it. (SSBB)
  • Holds his wing out and raises it. (SSBB)

[edit] Young Link

  • Drinks from his jug of Lon Lon Milk. (SSBM)

[edit] Pichu

  • Dances excitedly. (SSBM)
  • Lies on the ground and wiggles. (SSBM)

[edit] Mewtwo

  • Crosses his arms and spins in mid-air. (SSBM)

[edit] Mr. Game & Watch

  • Rings his bell. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Performs a jump. (SSBB)

[edit] Marth

  • Swings his sword. (SSBM, SSBB)
  • Holds up his sword as a point of light hits the tip of it. (SSBB)
  • Swings his sword before resheathing. (SSBB)

[edit] Roy

  • Leans back and holds his sword in an attack position. (SSBM)

[edit] Diddy Kong

  • Throws his cap up in the air and catches it. (SSBB)
  • Jumps from one foot to the other as he claps his hands above the head. (SSBB)
  • Holds his hands in front of him. (SSBB)

[edit] Pit

  • Spins his sword above his head. (SSBB)
  • Opens his wings and starts to ascend. (SSBB)
  • Swings his sword. (SSBB)

[edit] Meta Knight

  • Twists around in his cape as he becomes thin. (SSBB)
  • Points his sword forward and waves it a few times. (SSBB)
  • Opens his wings and challenges "Come!" (SSBB)

[edit] Pokemon Trainer

  • Raises his arm up as he holds a Pokeball. (SSBB)
  • Quickly jabs his arm to the side. (SSBB)
  • Will bring his elbow downwards in a victorious manner. (SSBB)

[edit] Squirtle

  • Jumps and does a backflip in mid-air. (SSBB)
  • Withdraws into his shell and spins. (SSBB)
  • Spins in mid-air as water comes out from its shell. (SSBB)

[edit] Ivysaur

  • Will shake itself as it spins the bulb on its back. (SSBB)
  • Stands on his front legs as he walks in a circle. (SSBB)
  • Throws his vines out and spins. (SSBB)

[edit] Charizard

  • Looks at the camera as he roars. (SSBB)

[edit] Ike

  • Charges his sword up and makes a noise as the wind blows his cape. (SSBB)
  • Swings his sword out as he says "Prepare yourself!" (SSBB)
  • Slams his sword into the ground as he crosses his arms and grunts before picking it up. (SSBB)

[edit] King Dedede

  • Holds his hammer up in victory. (SSBB)
  • Spins in a circle as he chants. (SSBB)
  • Twirls his hammer. (SSBB)

[edit] Wario

  • Laughs hard until he unhinges his jaw and has to close it by hand. (SSBB)
  • Performs various three-finger salutes. (SSBB)
  • Shakes his butt at the screen. (SSBB)
  • Looks to the right as he does the "W" sign with his hands before picking his nose. He only does this on his bike. (SSBB)

[edit] Olimar

  • Jumps up and down. (SSBB)
  • Swings his hips. (SSBB)
  • Lies on the floor and rolls around. (SSBB)

[edit] Lucas

  • Trips and shakes his head. (SSBB)
  • Holds out his sparkle and fires it behind him. (SSBB)
  • His rope snake comes out and chats with him. (SSBB)

[edit] Wolf

  • Leans his head back as he howls. (SSBB)
  • Will kneel down and slap one hand on the ground as he snarls. (SSBB)
  • Will do three kicks as he spins on one foot. (SSBB)

[edit] Lucario

  • Floats in mid-air as he growls. (SSBB)
  • Will stand on one foot and hold one hand in mid-air. (SSBB)
  • Holds one hand forward and one behind his back. (SSBB)

[edit] Toon Link

  • Will wave his wind waker as he conducts music. (SSBB)
  • Looks around uncertain. (SSBB)
  • Swings his sword in a blind panic before tiring himself out. (SSBB)

[edit] R.O.B.

  • Looks at the camera as he spins his arms and head in a circle. (SSBB)
  • Looks at the camera as he moves his head around as he fires a small laser from his eyes. (SSBB)
  • Looks at the camera and moves his arms down before moving them back. (SSBB)

[edit] Snake

For each of his three taunt variations, Snake will hide in his cardboard box. His up taunt can be cancelled the fastest while the down taunt is the slowest. The box can also be used as a weapon.

  • He will call his allies via Codec (Colonel Roy Campbell, Otacon and Mei Ling) for info on his opponent. (SSBB)

[edit] Sonic

  • Does a backflip and poses. (SSBB)
  • Runs in place as he yells "You're too slow!" as he faces the camera. (SSBB)
  • Performs a breakdancing spin. (SSBB)

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