Super Smash Bros. Brawl Online

A new addition to Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the ability to play online with Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. The online is split into 2 main categories, With Friends and With Anyone. In With Anyone you have 3 more options, Basic Brawl, Team Brawl and spectator. In Basic Brawl you can play 2 minute time matches against random people, no names are displayed and your personalized messages will not be shown on taunts. Basic Brawl will always try for a 4 way free for all, however if it can't find 4 players in a certain time it will start with however many there are there. Team Brawl is basically the same thing but as a team battle rather than a free for all. In spectator mode you can watch replay data of other peoples With Anyone matches and bet coins on the outcome of the map. With Friends you have much more freedom, you can only play with people who's codes you have registered on your friend roster however when you Brawl them you have more control over the rule settings, allowing to do stock and coin matches too. You can also play co-op muitlman melee and homerun contest with friends

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