Super Dragon

Super Dragon Yoshi
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Link and Pikachu running from Yoshi

Yoshi's Final Smash is the forever awesome Super Dragon Yoshi. Sprouting wings, he can freely fly around the stage while dealing damage with his massive fireballs that cause 25% damage. Whenever impact is made with the opponent, they receive 8% damage. If no buttons are pressed, he can breathe a continuous stream of fire which can deal up to 60%. This Final Smash is probably the longest, lasting a total of 20 seconds. A little hard to control, matching Yoshi's play style, Yoshi's Final Smash is not on to be trifled with. If up against a Super Dragon Yoshi, just run, jump, and air dodge. If you are this force of nature, stay near the ground if your opponents try to jump - They have to come down sooner or later. When they do, let loose with a barrage of fireballs. Take care to be above solid ground once this Final Smash runs out of juice, although you are free to do a flutter jump to recover.

You can obtain a Trophy of this Final Smash by completing All-Star Mode with Yoshi.

This attack is likely a throw-back to the days of Super Mario World. In the game the Yoshis could eat a certain type of shell and from there gain abilities pertaining to which one. One of them allowed him to have wings, while the other allowed him to spit fire balls. Here, our wonderful little dino gets both and becomes quite deadly.

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