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The Subspace Bomb is the primary weapon that is used by the Subspace Army. When it is detonated, it will remove the surrounding area from the world and deposit it into the Subspace as it leaves a dark void in place. A larger area can be affected if several bombs are used at once. Each bomb will require two Robotic Operating Buddies to set it off. The bomb will hold onto the arms of the R.O.B.s' so they have to be sacrificed to activate the bomb.

They were designed and built on the Isle of Ancients in a large factory on the island where there are several dozens of bombs there. Each bomb will have a detonation timer of three minutes as this allows the Subspace Army to get out of the area before the explosions. It is unclear on whether the countdown on the bombs can be stopped or not as it was seen that the Smashers and fighters could not stop them.

Galleom would have a Subspace Bomb embedded into its head and it does not require the R.O.B.s to activate the bomb and the timer is only fifteen seconds. He would use the bomb when it has been defeated twice in quick succession as it will try and get revenge on Lucas and Pokemon Trainer as it blasts into the sky. Though the two would manage to escape and the bomb would do little damage to the surrounding area, drawing Wario's trophy into subspace.

[edit] Trophy Info

Subspace Bomb Trophy.jpg

The Subspace Bomb Trophy is one of the trophies that falls under the Subsapce Emissary category when one searches by game title or under enemies for one searches. It can be unlocked by completing the [[Boss Battle] on easy difficulty.

A weapon that, when it explodes, draws every part of this world within its blast range into the world of Subspace. The areas drawn into Subspace this way float about in bubbles as individual colonies. To detonate a bomb, two R.O.B.s must be destroyed in the process. The Ancient Minister is bitterly aggrieved by this fact.

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