Star Rod

Star Rod
Type Hand Weapon
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Appearance: Star, golden, colourful
Size: Small
Strength: Medium

[edit] Background

see also: Star Rod

[edit] Item Effect

The star rod is an item from the Kirby series, it has been in every installment of the Super Smash Bros Series so far. The star rod is a battering item, meaning that when you pick it up you can use your Neutral A, Forward Smash, Forward Tilt and Dash attack to hit people with it. A special feature of the Star Rod is that when the player uses a forward smash the star rod will shoot out a star as a projectile, each rod has a limited number of stars. From Super Smash Bros. Melee onwards each character had a unique way of using the star rod and some would shoot out several stars in one smash attack.

[edit] Strategy

Since this item can be effective both at close range and long range combat, it can be used in several different ways. To maximize damage and knockback on the opponent, you will want to have just enough distance between yourself and the target so the Star at the top of the rod hits your target. This will cause the target not only to take damage on initial impact, but it will also cause them to take damage from a released star(s) if you use the Star Rod in a Forward Tilt or Forward Smash attack. Another strategy that is very effective, especially against those who have low horizontal recovery abilities, is to throw the Star Rod toward someone. The Star Rod has shockingly good side to side knock back when thrown, making it a great option to pick off a target that is trying to recover from a previous hit. When trying to avoid a player with this item, it's best to keep your distance. Unless you have high damage, the stars released from the Star Rod do not have the potential to KO you. Remember that the Star Rod is at its strongest when the Star on the rod makes contact with you or when it's thrown at you. The more distance you keep, the better off you will be when trying to avoid damage from this item. Also, bear in mind that characters such as Captain Falcon can release multiple Stars at once which can inflict serious damage in the event that each star makes contact with the intended target.

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