[edit] Full List of All Stages

[edit] Super Smash Bros.

Starter Stages
Congo Jungle Dream Land Hyrule Castle Peach's Castle
Planet Zebes Sector Z Saffron City Yoshi's Island
Unlockable Stages How to unlock
Mushroom Kingdom Complete 1P-Mode with all 8 starter Characters and play a Versus battle on each map.
Special Stages
Target Test Board The Platforms Race To The Finish Battlefield
Final Destination Metal Mario

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Starter Stages
Brinstar Corneria Fountain of Dreams Green Greens
Hyrule Temple Icicle Mountain Jungle Japes Kongo Jungle
Mushroom Kingdom Mute City Onett Pokémon Stadium
Princess Peach's Castle Rainbow Cruise Termina Great Bay Venom
Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Story
Unlockable Stages How to unlock
Battlefield Complete All-Star Mode using any character.
Big Blue Play as Captain Falcon 10 times.
Brinstar Depths Play 50 Versus battles.
Dream Land (Past) Complete Target Test with every character.
Final Destination Complete all event matches.
Flat Zone Complete Classic Mode using Mr. Game & Watch
Fourside Play 100 Versus battles.
Kongo Jungle (Past) Clear 15-Minute Melee with any character.
Mushroom Kingdom II Obtain the Birdo trophy or the Pidgey trophy.
Poké Floats Play 200 Versus battles.
Yoshi's Island (Past) Hit the Sandbag 1323 feet in the Home-Run Contest.
Special Stages
Brinstar Escape Shaft Entei F-Zero Grand Prix Goomba
Home-Run Stadium Majora's Mask Race To The Finish Rest Station
Snag The Trophies Target Test Underground Maze

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Starter Stages
Battlefield Bridge of Eldin Brinstar Castle Siege
Delfino Plaza Corneria Distant Planet Final Destination
Frigate Orpheon Halberd Lylat Cruise Mario Circuit
Mushroomy Kingdom New Pork City Norfair Onett
PictoChat Pokémon Stadium 2 Port Town Aero Dive Rainbow Cruise
Rumble Falls Shadow Moses Island Skyworld Smashville
Summit Temple WarioWare, Inc. Yoshi's Island
Unlockable Stages How to unlock
75m Play as Donkey Kong 20 times during Versus battles.
Big Blue Use Captain Falcon 10 times in Versus battles.
Flat Zone 2 Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.
Green Greens Use Kirby 20 times in Versus battles.
Green Hill Zone Unlock Sonic.
Hanenbow Clear Event #28.
Jungle Japes Play 10 Versus battles on other stages from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Luigi's Mansion Play as Luigi 3 times in Versus battles.
Mario Bros. Clear event #19.
Pirate Ship Unlock Toon Link.
Pokémon Stadium Play on the Pokémon Stadium 2 stage 10 times.
Spear Pillar Complete event #25.
Special Stages
All-Star Teleporter Home-Run Stadium Target Smash Subspace Emissary stages
Configure Test Online Practice Stage

[edit] Super Smash Bros. 3DS

3DS Stages
Starter Stages
3D Land Arena Ferox Battlefield Boxing Ring
Brinstar Corneria Distant Planet Final Destination
Gaur Plain Gerudo Valley Golden Plains Green Hill Zone
Jungle Japes Living Room Mushroomy Kingdom Paper Mario
PictoChat 2 Prism Tower Rainbow Road Reset Bomb Forest
Spirit Train Streetpass Quest Tomadachi Life Tortimer Island
Unova Pokémon League Wily Castle Yoshi Island
Unlockable Stages How to unlock
Balloon Fight
Find Mii
Mute City
Special Stages
"smash run map"

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Note that the Wii U stages aren't properly sorted by unlock and starters yet*

Wii U Stages
Starter Stages
Battlefield Boxing Ring Coliseum Final Destination
Garden of Hope Gaur Plain Halberd Kalos Pokémon League
Mario Galaxy Mushroom Kingdom U Pac-Land Palutena's Temple
Pilot Wings Pyrosphere Skyloft Smashville
Town and City Wii Fit Studio Wily Castle Windy Hill
Unlockable Stages How to unlock
Special Stages

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