Type Hand Item
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Purple, yellow
Size: Medium
Strength: Weak

[edit] Item Effect

The Spring causes the player to jump very high when he/she hops on the Spring. It also falls occasionally making it sideways. If a player hits the Spring when its on its side, the player is launched left or right depending on which side the player hits the Spring on. Plus it can be thrown. Sonic uses a spring as his up B too. His spring is the spring from his games, but acts in the same way. One difference is that it does not fall sideways like the regular Spring.

[edit] Strategy

The Spring should not really be used for offense, but rather as a way to escape from oncoming attacks. With a Spring on the ground, heavy characters with bad jumping abilities like Ganondorf and Bowser will have a much easier time moving in the air through the use of a Spring. Although the Spring can't be used directly for offense, it can be used to set yourself up for a powerful aerial attack. Characters like Falco and Captain Falcon have strong air attacks that can rack up damage on opponents quickly if they use the Spring correctly. Otherwise, the Spring is just there to use if you want it. Unless it's thrown, it causes no damage and doesn't really hinder anyone's movements. Treat the Spring as a part of the stage environment while it lasts and continue on your way.

Sonic Spring.jpg

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