Soccer Ball

An item we all know and love.
Type Special
Series Appearances: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: White, black
Size: Medium
Strength: Strong

[edit] Item Effect

The Soccer Ball from Mario Strikers is a new item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You can't pick up this item, but if you hit it. the ball bursts into flames in the direction its been hit. It has high knock back ability. The angle in which you hit the ball affects where the ball is going to go. So aim well!

[edit] Strategy

The Soccer Ball may look weak at first glance, but it can become extremely powerful if used correctly. To start with, the knock back power of the Soccer Ball grows with each hit it takes, so the longer it stays around, the better chance for a KO. Worthy of note, any fire attribute attack will greatly increase its knock back power. Characters like Captain Falcon and Snake wield powerful fire attribute moves that can turn the Soccer Ball into a flaming ball of destruction. The Soccer Ball IS treated as a projectile so reflector techniques will also increase its power greatly by deflecting the Soccer Ball at approximately double the original power level. Since they are fire attribute items, explosives such as the Blast Box and Bob-omb can make the Soccer Ball cause massive destruction. Remember that the faster the Soccer Ball moves after it's hit, the stronger knock back it has. At maximum power, the Soccer Ball can often KO most characters with a starting damage percentage of 75 or above if it comes into contact with them. Also, the Soccer Ball can bounce off of one player straight and straight into another if it's hit hard enough. So, take a shot with a strong fire attribute move and watch as this little Soccer Ball causes massive damage to whoever is unfortunate enough to come into its blazing path.

[edit] Trophy Description

"An attack item that flies when struck and explodes as it bounces, causing damage to whomever it hits. As it's a soccer ball, you'd think hitting it with your hands would be against the rules, but that's not the case. Unleash your fiercest attacks on it. Really, it's OK. The ball's design seems old fashioned, but it sure does bring back lots of soccer memories, doesn't it?"

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