Smash Run

Smash Run
The Smash Run map from the 3DS
Games Super Smash Bros. 3DS
Players 1-4


[edit] Description

Smash Run is a 3DS exclusive game mode for Super Smash Bros. In this game mode players must first fight through a labyrinth with a time limit of five minutes. After the five minutes are up, the players enter one of a few game modes, each with different stipulations. Examples of this are spawning with 300%, racing to the top of a structure, and having projectiles reflect off of players. During the five minutes in Smash Run, players defeat a variety of enemies and collect power-ups, buffing their character in the process. Hints about the follow-up match may be revealed throughout, so players can focus on getting power-ups that would help them with that match specifically. Events may also randomly be activated.

[edit] Versus Modes

[edit] Reflect Smash

When playing Reflect Smash all projectiles are automatically reflected by your character.

[edit] High-Launch Smash

When playing High-Launch Smash every hit will send a character flying in the air.

[edit] Climb!

When playing Climb! players have to race up as fast as they can and get as high as possible within a given time limit. Jump boosts are recommended for this match, and characters that can jump high or fly have an advantage.

[edit] Run!

When playing Run! players race to the finish line on a mainly-horizontal path. Speed boosts are recommended for this match. There are speed boosts that can be picked up throughout, as well as hazards which, if touched, spawn players back a bit.

[edit] Boosts

In Smash Run there are six types of boosts to collect:

Smash Run Boosts.png

Arms: increases the strength of projectiles, item attacks, and throws, and healing items recover more. Also, grabbing range is increased, and the player becomes less likely to drop items when attacked
Speed: increases dashing speed, walking speed, and air speed
Attack: increases the power of all normal attacks
Defense: increases either weight or knockback resistance, and shield becomes harder to break while the timing for a perfect shield becomes easier to hit
Jump: increases jumping height and falling speed
Special: increases the power of all special attacks, while some moves can gain increased range or have charging time decrease

[edit] Events


Throughout the five minutes of Smash Run, events can randomly activate. These events range from all players getting temporary power-up boosts to hordes of enemies and more powerful creatures appearing. Hints about the upcoming match can also be revealed, giving players a heads up about which power-ups to try collecting.

[edit] Enemies

Many enemies from different franchises will appear in Smash Run. Enemies can be defeated to receive power-ups, which boost players' stats.

[edit] Kid Icarus Enemies

  • Boom Stomper - pounds the ground to crush players; leaf on its head is its weak spot
  • Bumpety Bomb - resists attacks and rushes at players to explode
  • Clubberskull - hides in a skull until attacked enough, after which it attacks
  • Daphne - attacks players
  • Flage - exposes itself to attack with blades
  • Lethinium - fires laser beams
  • Lurchthorn - hurts players who touch them
  • Mahva - produces shields to protect its allies
  • Megonta - rolls into players or fires explosive attacks; defeated by targeting its weak spots
  • Mimicutie - disguises itself as a treasure chest; when players get close, it jumps up and starts kicking
  • Monoeye - flies around
  • Nutski - flies around
  • Orne - immediately destroys players it touches
  • Reaper - walks around and panics when it spots a player
  • Skuttler - attacks with a bone club
  • Skuttler Cannoneer - shoots lasers and homing missiles out of its cannon
  • Skuttler Mage - attacks with flames from its wand
  • Souflee - rare enemy that's fast and harmless
  • Zuree - can shift into a blue flame

[edit] Kirby Enemies

  • Bonker - has higher health than other enemies and attacks with a hammer
  • Bronto Burt - flies around
  • Gordo - acts as a hazard
  • Parasol Waddle Dee - floats into battle with umbrellas
  • Plasma Whip - attacks with plasma
  • Shotzo - cannot be harmed by player attacks
  • Tac - steals power-ups from players
  • Waddle Dee - walks around
  • Waddle Doo - walks around and attacks with a beam

[edit] The Legend of Zelda Enemies

  • Blue Bubble - charges at targets and freezes them
  • Cucco - summons other Cuccos if hit enough
  • Darknut - armor must first be broken off; then it can be defeated
  • Octorok - hides and shoots rocks (can be defeated by reflecting a rock)
  • Peahat - releases Peahat larvae to attack players
  • Poe - attacks targets
  • ReDead - limps towards players and latches onto them
  • Stalfos - attacks with weapons

[edit] Mario Enemies

  • Banzai Bill - flies across the stage
  • Bill Blaster - fires Bullet Bills
  • Bullet Bill - homes in on targets
  • Chain Chomp - lunges at targets
  • Flame Chomp - floats around and shoots fireballs
  • Giant Goomba - walks around
  • Goomba - walks around
  • Hammer Bro. - throws hammers at targets
  • Koopa Paratroopa (red and green) - flies around
  • Koopa Troopa (red and green) - walks around
  • Lakitu - drops spinies, which then walk around and damage players
  • Magikoopa - damages targets with magic
  • Shy Guy (various colors) - walks around
  • Spike Top - walks on walls and drops onto players

[edit] Subspace Emissary Enemies

  • Generator - produces enemies until destroyed
  • Glice - rolls around and freezes players
  • Glire - rolls around and hurts players with fire
  • Glunder - rolls around and shocks players with electricity
  • Mite (yellow, red, and green) - small enemy that usually attacks in groups
  • Poppant - rare enemy that runs away and drops objects
  • Roturret - turret that rotates and shoots lasers at players

[edit] Other Enemies

[edit] Donkey Kong Enemies

  • Kritter (green and blue) - spins its arms around to attack
  • Tiki Buzz - jumping on it gives the player a higher jump

[edit] EarthBound Enemies

  • Devil Car - attacks players by ramming into them
  • Starman - attacks with PK Beam and teleports around

[edit] Find Mii Enemies

  • Yellow Ghost - blocks attacks with a shield; shield must be grabbed off for it to be defeated

[edit] Ice Climber Enemies

  • Polar Bear - attacks players with a ground pound

[edit] Mega Man Enemies

  • Mettaur - shoots projectiles in multiple directions

[edit] Metroid Enemies

  • Kihunter - flies around
  • Metroid - latches onto players' heads and immobilizes them
  • Reo - attacks with sharp claws
  • Zoomer - moves along the terrain

[edit] Namco Enemies

  • Pooka - attacks players from underground or through walls; inflates when attacked until it pops

[edit] Pikmin Enemies

  • Bulborb - has a running tackle and knockback resistance
  • Iridescent Glint Beetle - drops gold when launched (up to five times)

[edit] Pokémon Enemies

  • Chandelure - absorbs projectiles and attacks with fire
  • Cryogonal - attacks players with ice attacks
  • Gastly - can only be damaged by projectiles
  • Koffing - releases gas from its pores and hurts players
  • Petilil - puts players to sleep with sleep powder

[edit] Rhythm Heaven Enemies

  • Sneaky Spirit - pops out of the ground while moving around

[edit] Sonic Enemies

  • Eggrobo - flies around and shoots players

[edit] Xevious Enemies

  • Bacura - attacks players

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