Skyworld (SSE)

Skyworld (SSE)
Mario and Pit on the Skyworld level.
Game Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Stage Number 02
Stage Characters Unlockable Pit, Mario
Previous Stage Midair Stadium
Next Stage Sea of Clouds
Boss None

Skyworld is the 2nd level of the Subspace Emissary. It is preceded by the Midair Stadium level and followed by the Sea of Clouds level. It is a three part level that features the introduction of Pit and reintroduction of Mario.


[edit] Stage Walkthrough

[edit] Part One

In part one of the level, you can only use Pit. After seeing the Subspace Bomb go off at Midair Stadium, Pit is angered and wants to fight off whoever did this. The ruler of Pit's world, Palutena, appears and gives Pit her bow with which to fight with. Pit kneels down out of respect and jumps out of the house to go after the enemy. After making a long descent, Pit lands on a platform and a few clouds he is able to walk on. There are no enemies and the next door leads to a cutscene, marking the conclusion of the first part of the level.

[edit] Part Two

Part Two opens with a cutscene that features the battleship Halberd. Pit recognizes it as the same ship he saw enter the Midair Stadium. The Halberd then proceeds to lay down Shadow Bugs around Pit which form Primids. Pit jumps into a fighting position and the second part of the level begins. There are numerous Primids the player must defeat before being able to move any further in the level. Once you've defeated all of the Primids, continue to your right while defeating any enemies you see along the way. Partway, there is another platform with an orange cube that has the Smash Bros. emblem on it. Attack this to get some Food, Stickers, or any other item it may contain and keep moving to your right. As you near the end of this part of the level, you will encounter your first Greap. To defeat them, you must attack the round, red object near the center of it. It will attack with its long anchor-like parts, so avoid these as much as possible. Once you are able to defeat the Greap, a door will appear which marks the end of Part Two of this level.

[edit] Part Three

This is the final part of the level. Pit notices Mario's trophy that is barely sticking out in the clouds. He touches it to bring Mario back to life and both reminisce about what happened at the Midair Stadium. They both seem to understand one another's intention's and proceed to go down through the clouds together. Once the player chooses to be either Mario or Pit(it doesn't matter much so just choose who you like more) the final part of the level begins. At the beginning of this segment, the player will need to follow a course while dropping through clouds and defeating enemies as needed. Eventually, you will be able to get to a purple cloud. While you are unable to fall through it, the purple cloud will move you in the right direction. This gives you a few seconds to catch your breath before you arrive at a brick platform. Here, you will encounter the first few Jyks of the Subspace Emissary. However, these enemies are not able to be defeated or affected by any attacks, so just jump or roll around them. Continue onward while defeating the numerous enemies in the next section. After a short time, you will come across a section of rising and falling pillars. Get to the third pillar and wait for it to drop. Behind the third pillar is a hidden door that leads to a room with healing items and stickers. Grab the goodies and go back out the door. From there, continue onward to the right and you will soon come up on a forced battle. There isn't a boss, but there are numerous enemies to face including Primids and Greaps among others. Once all enemies have been defeated, you will be able to go through a golden door, marking the end of the Skyworld level.
Before Mario and Pit are added to your Subspace Emissary team, there is a quick cutscene that shows Mario and Pit glimpsing at the Halberd as it's headed away from them. Soon after, there is an Arwing chasing after it that will lead into the next level. Also note that Mario and Pit team together from Part Three of this level, onward.

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