Sea of Clouds

Sea of Clouds
Kirby and Peach on the Sea of Clouds level battling a Towtow.
Game Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Stage Number 03
Stage Characters Unlockable None
Previous Stage Skyworld
Next Stage The Jungle
Boss None

Sea of Clouds is the third level of the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is a two part level that picks up where the Midair Stadium level left off with Kirby and Zelda/Peach. The princess with Kirby is the one you chose to save in the Boss Battle back at Midair Stadium.

[edit] Level Walkthrough

[edit] Part One

Part One of this level picks up with Kirby and Peach(Zelda) riding on Kirby's Warp Star. They soon land on the Halberd to begin the level. Just pick either Kirby or Peach(Zelda) as all you will do is run from one side of the Halberd to the other. There are no enemies and no ways to fall off.

[edit] Part Two

The cutscene that ensues after getting across the Halberd features the same Arwing that Mario and Pit saw chasing after the Halberd at the end of the Skyworld level. It is seen dodging copious amounts of laser fire from the Halberd. Finally though, the Combo Cannon launches its arm and makes direct contact with the Arwing, sending the spacecraft into a crash course with the Halberd, specifically Kirby and the princess. The Arwing avoids crashing into the Halberd, but gets close enough that the slipstream created sends Kirby and Peach(Zelda) flying off the ship to start the second part of the level.
Choose to play as either Kirby or Peach(Zelda) to start the second part of the level. Once the level starts, head off to the right. You will come across some enemies, so defeat them promptly and continue on your way. After a short while, you will come across some blocks that seem to be blocking the way. Just hit them with one attack to break them and continue onward. You will need to weave back and forth a little bit in the next section while defeating any enemies you happen to come across. Finally, you will get to a turquoise cube that is to your right. Hit it to get into its contents and then head onward to the left and down.
You will want to stay to the left in this little section as you will eventually come across the first Towtow of the Subspace Emissary. These enemies will charge at you when awake, so attack strategically to avoid damage and keep on moving. Soon, you will come across some breakable blocks in midair. You do not want to attack these like you did the ones at the beginning of this part of the level. Instead, you will want to climb them to continue on. Near the top will be a hidden door that you can enter. Within the door is a room with a couple of turquoise cubes. Get at their contents and exit the room to continue onward. Once you exit that door, continue down and to your left. You will want to defeat all the enemies as you come across them to prevent them from attacking you in groups a little later. Break the next set of blocks and continue on your way. If you feel the need to grab an item, then feel free to head to the right very quickly before moving onward after you destroy the blocks. Continue heading left until you reach a door at the end and enter it.
After entering the door, head to your right. You will encounter numerous Spaaks so take them out promptly before they rack up damage on you. There will be an arrow pointing to the left, but go down into a nearby pit to find a turquoise cube first. Grab whatever useful that is inside of it and then follow the arrow. After following the arrow, you will come into a forced battle that features your first encounter with Mites. They are accompanied by a portal that you must destroy to keep more Mites from spawning. The Mites themselves aren't all that powerful and can be destroyed with a single attack. Get rid of the portal first and then take out the Mites.
After defeating the Mites, head to the left as you were doing. If you see soil dropping down, watch out for a falling boulder as these can cause some serious damage. There will be platforms that you can climb, but beware of the Glunders on top of them. Destroy these if you feel the need and continue on while avoiding the boulders. Once you get to the top, you will find a green cube. Hit it to get at its contents and head down to the final segment of the level.
As you head down, you will encounter your second forced battle with a portal. This time, it's also spawning Glunders as well as Mites. Follow the same process as you did with the portal from earlier and move on. There are more falling boulders to avoid along with enemies here and there. Destroy the enemies if they get in your direct path, but dodging the boulders should be your priority. Finally, you will come across the last forced battle of the level. You will need to defeat a Greap. Again, hit the red ball-like object near its center while watching out for its axe-like objects. Once you defeat it, enter the golden door to finish the level.

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