Rumble Falls

Rumble Falls
What a nice view!

Rumble Falls is from the Donkey Kong series. This stage slowly goes up, forcing you to go up with it, or die. At certain points in the stage it will move up faster, which really causes a panic to things. Spikes are found through the level, and if bumped into, can cause major knock back, possibly resulting in death. There are also switches through the level pressing these will cause a small effect, like opening a trapdoor or making a platform rise up a little

[edit] Music

  • King K. Rool/Ship Deck 2
  • Jungle level
  • Jungle level-version 2
  • The Map Page/Bonus level
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Theme (Barrel Blast)
  • Battle for Storm Hill
  • Bramble Blast
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