Rocketbarrel Barrage

Rocketbarrel Barrage
Diddy Kong activating his Final Smash

Rocket-barrel Barrage is the Final Smash of Diddy Kong. Once triggered, Diddy pulls out his Peanut Popguns and flies around the stage while shooting exploding peanuts. After the 10-12 seconds, the Rocket-barrels explode, leaving Diddy to fall. Make sure you're near a platform, or you'll self destruct. Also, you can eat the peanuts that have exploded off the ground. Watch out though, other characters may steal the kill away from you by defeating already hit characters. Another disadvantage of this Final Smash is that other characters may eat the peanuts.

You can obtain a trophy of this Final Smash by completing All-Star Mode with Diddy Kong.

This is one of the hardest moves to use, because it is very hard to steer and aim. It is very good though if you can perfect it as you are invincible.

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