Quick Attack Canceling

Quick Attack Canceling or QAC for short, is an ability of Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Brawl to Quick Attack into the ground and cancel out the lag at the end of the attack. This allows Pikachu to approach much quicker.

[edit] Concept

Aiming the first half of the quick attack down and towards a direction against the ground, Pikachu will lose all lag from the Quick Attack. It will allow Pikachu to cancel the move into any aerial move outside of the down air. It is usually used into neutral aerials or down b kills. It is possible to stun an opponent by using the first half of the quick attack and then to hit them with another aerial or hit their shield consistently. It is part of several techniques:

  • Quick Attack Lock or QAC Lock: Footstooling an opponent and then repeatedly QAC'ing into an opponent, Pikachu is able to infinite an opponent.
  • Slope Canceling: When quick attacking against any slope, Pikachu is able to cancel the quick attack into any move.
  • Quick Attack Edgehog: The player can quick attack cancel off the ledge and regrab the ledge with the 2nd half of the quick attack.

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