Peach's Castle

Peach's Castle
Peach's Castle in Super Smash Bros.
Universe Mario
Home Stage Mario
Availability N64 Starter

See also Princess Peach's Castle from Super Smash Bros. Melee


[edit] Design

At first, Peach’s classic castle from Super Mario 64 seems to be a very basic stage, but several hidden elements make it a rather unpredictable arena. The stage is divided in two by the tower in the middle, and small raised platforms sit at either side. Throughout the battle, several seemingly random events are sure to occur. The first is an appearance of a red, green or blue button. Touching one of these buttons causes like-colored platforms to appear somewhere on the stage for a short duration. The second event is the appearance of a large Bullet Bill, which will slowly approach the central tower. When it connects, a massive explosion is triggered that does a large amount of damage to anyone close by.

[edit] Origin

The stage is based on the roof of Peach's castle from Super Mario 64.

[edit] Character (Dis)-Advantages

[edit] Advantages

[edit] Disadvantages

[edit] Stage Music

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