Mushroomy Kingdom

Mushroomy Kingdom
Mushroomy Kingdom Stage 1.jpg
Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1
Mushroomy Kingdom
Mushroomy Kingdom Stage 2.jpg
Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2

[edit] Background

The Mushroomy Kingdom is a stage, in which it side scrolls through the ruins of Super Mario levels 1-1 and 1-2. It is from the Mario series. The levels have been given a new look. They look like a deserted ruins surrounded by deserts (20 years later). In world 1-1, By hitting boxes, with your head, items will come out, but be careful you don't get trapped by a tub in front of you. It has been perfectly recreated and modified in 3-D. In world 1-2, all the boxes you see are completely destructible, and also have item boxes. Be careful not to get trapped, and go off the screen.

There is an Event Match for Mushroomy Kingdom. The character takes control of Bowser, as 3 strong Mario's chance you to the flag on the 1-1 stage. You must avoid dying by KO-ing, and running, although the Mario's have unlimited lives. Once you reach the flag, you must jump to the base of it. It may be picky were you land.

[edit] Music

  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Gritzy Desert
  • Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Under Theme (Super Mario Land)

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