Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch's official art.
Series Game & Watch
Weight Light Weight
Costumes Black (Original), Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue
Special Moves Chef, Trampoline, Judge, Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus


[edit] Background

The Game & Watch series was made up of LCD games that began being sold in 1980 up until 1991. Game & Watch is the only 2D character in the Smash Bros series. Mr. Game & Watch was never a real character in the Game & Watch titles but rather serves as a mascot to all of the different Game & Watch generic characters. In this way all of his attacks where directly taken from aspects the Game & Watch series of games.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Nintendo’s “jack of all trades”, Game and Watch has had every profession imaginable at some point in time. He’s the most unique and gimmicky character in the game, with virtually all his moves borrowed from a different game he’s been in. Whether he’s tossing sausages out of a frying pan, passing judgment on fellow characters or creating oil spills, Gee Dubya is a highly entertaining character to use, if not all that strong.

[edit] Role in SSE

Mr. Game & Watch's role in Subspace Emissary is a rather small one. Tabuu apparently takes part of Mr. Game & Watch's body mass and uses this to create and infinite amount of shadow bugs he then uses to create the subspace army. You encounter him on the Halberd and you fight him with Lucario, Snake and Meta Knight. After the battle you send them onto the front deck before they turn into a boss, namely Duon. Falco appears in his Arwing, leaving you to fight with him, along with Lucario, Snake, Meta Knight, Zelda, Fox and Peach. After that he will join your team!

Mr Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch after being defeated as Duon.

[edit] Multiplayer

[edit] Pros

  • Oil Panic can catch three energy-based projectiles and uses them to charge itself
  • Large, disjointed hitboxes with good priority on most attacks
  • Bair is a good approach
  • Dthrow is good for tech chasing
  • Can crouch under many projectiles
  • All smashes have high knockback
  • Can juggle opponents easily with his Nair and Utilt
  • Level 9 Judgment is incredibly powerful
  • Can kill at relatively low percents
  • Good recovery

[edit] Cons

  • Attacks are predictable
  • Second lightest character in the game
  • Judgment is based on luck; "1-4" are weak
  • Lacks a good projectile
  • Bad grab range
  • If Judgment is "1" Mr. Game & Watch will do 1% damage to himself

[edit] Strategies

List of catchable projectiles with the bucket and what percent they kill at:

18% damage, won't KO until well over 100 Charizard - fire breath Ice Climber - breath Bowser - fire breath Ness - pk thunder tail Ness - pk fire pillar Lucas - pk thunder tail Fox - back throw Fox - forward throw Fox - blaster (long range) Falco - back throw Falco - forward throw

25% damage, KOs around 65% with no DI Lucas - PK Fire Fox - blaster (short range) Falco - blaster Samus - uncharged shots Peach - counter (pan foods) DDD - beam attack from waddle

33% damage Ness - PK Fire Yoshi - Down B Stars ZSS - uncharged neutral b Kirby - frying pan

42% damage, KOs around 20% with no DI ROB - optic blast Mario - fireballs Pit - arrows Dedede - Up B stars Lucas - pk fire explosion Kirby - final cutter (short range)

44% damage Lucario - uncharged energy ball

50% damage, KOs at 0% with no DI Lucario - forward b (max range of move) Pikachu - neutral B lightning (after the projectile hits the ground) Wolf - blaster Luigi - fireball Kirby - final cutter (long range) ZSS - charged neutral B

60% damage, KOs at 0% even with DI Pikachu - down B lightning (can max in one go if you catch under pikachu on a platform) Pikachu - neutral b (ball form) Zelda - Din's Fire Lucas - PK Freeze Lucas - PK Thunder Ness - PK Flash Ness - PK Thunder Lucario - fully charged energy balls Lucario - forward b (closest range possible) Samus - fully charged shots ZSS - downsmash (any charge) Rob - optic blast (charged) Pit - arrows (charged)

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

[edit] Attacks

Mr. Game & Watch's most basic attack when pressing the attack button is Chef. Originally taken from the Game & watch game Chef which was released in 1981 Mr. Game & Watch pulls out a frying pan and launches food at his foe(s). The food includes the same types as the original Chef game such as Sausage links, ham, and two sizes of fish. Mr. Game & Watch can fling the food a good distance but not across the screen. The attack is more along the lines of short range fire. The food gives good damage and helps to keep attackers in front of Mr. Game & Watch at bay. If an attacker hits the frying pan during the attack they will be burned and knocked back.

While staying on the ground and tilting up on the control pad, and pressing the attack button Mr. Game & Watch will perform his up attack. This attack uses a flag brought over from the original Game & Watch game Flagman. Foes hit by the upward thrust of the flag will take damage. It is possible to keep foes somewhat airborne above Mr. Game & Watch for a short time while performing this attack.

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