Midair Stadium

Midair Stadium
Midair Stadium.jpg
Game Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Stage Number 01
Stage Characters Unlockable Kirby, Zelda/Peach
Previous Stage None
Next Stage Skyworld
Boss Petey Piranha

Midair Stadium is the first stage in the Subspace Emissary.

[edit] Guide

Midair Stadium is a pretty easy stage with a boss. First you select if you want to be Mario or Kirby. This doesn't change the storyline much, it is just who you are fighting as and against, and the cutscenes you unlock.

When the other character is down, the sky goes red... and the Halberd appears! Something comes down from the halberd... now select either Peach, Zelda, Mario or kirby to first fight as. Then select the next you will fight as when he or she goes down, and so on.

Now you need to fight thirty enemies. These consist of Primids, Boom Primids (Primids with Boomerangs), Sword Primids (Primids with Swords), and Spaaks (Clouds that spark). Once one batch of 5 is down, more will appear. Items may drop such as the Hammer, an incredibly useful item.

Once down... who is this? The Ancient Minister appears with something. Two ROBs appear and open it. A Subspace Bomb! Three minutes on the clock. Then someone appears and kicks Mario into the sky. Kirby looks round to see Petey Piranha with Zelda and Peach in cages!

Now you must hit and punch Petey. Oh, hit the cages, it does more damage. Now think carefully: which person do you want the most, peach or zelda? If zelda, attack her cage and vice versa. When petey's health is 2/3 down, he will roar. His attacks do more damage now. His only attacks are swinging cages and jumping.

Once petey is dead, he explodes. Out pops zelda. And then Wario appears. He aims his cannon at the weakened Peach or Zelda, whoever you didn't save. He fires a black arrow. It petrifies Peach or Zelda and turns her back into a trophy. Then he takes it away.

Determined to get Wario, zelda and kirby chase after him. Kirby takes one look at the clock on the bomb (6 seconds) and flies away on a Dragoon with Zelda just before the bomb explodes.

When the bomb explodes, the stadium is engulfed into a purple void... and kirby and zelda fly away.

Stage clear!

Characters Unlocked: Kirby, Peach or Zelda

[edit] Maps

Before Invasion

Petey Battle
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