Meta Ridley

Meta Ridley
Official Art for Meta Ridley

Before our heroes escape the exploding bomb factory (this is when R.O.B. reveals himself), they meet up with Meta Ridley who chases after the Falcon Flyer. Completely different then Ridley he can attack the stage itself, and has a completely different moveset. After the 2 minutes of battling him are up, he is eventually burned up by the Falcon Flyer's engine and is sent into Subspace with the rest of the factory. He is believed to be dead.

[edit] Fighting Meta Ridley

You have a set time limit when fighting Meta ridley,and must defeat him before time runs out,or Captain Falcon's ship will be destroyed. Most of Meta Ridley's attacks are aimed at the Falcon Flyer and at you, so jumping and air dodging is an effective way of dodging them. 2 of his attacks drag the Falcon Flyer into the KO boundary so be careful.

[edit] Tips For Getting The Trophy

Meta Ridley Is Quite Possibly the Hardest To Get, As He Will Fly Behind The Ship When His Health Is Low. When He Uses His Giant Fireball attack, you have a chance. Be Careful not to forget to get it or you will have to go through a whole coarse again!

Remember, Ice Climbers Are Good to use, because Meta Ridley IS Weak To Ice. Also, If You see a Cracker Launcher, use it. Try To Aim For The Chest If You Want The Most Damage. Be Careful Not To Kill It!

Try Using Trophy Stand Stickers And Harder Levels. A Good Sticker And On Hard/Very-Hard/Intense is the best option. Don't forget, use your trophy-stand stickers on the RIGHT people. Be Careful not to spin the stand at the wrong time.

When Meta Ridley Uses His Ship Slam Attack or Drag Down *I Think*, all items will fall of the ship (And You if your on it) so grap it and use Special Attacks like Pikachu's Down+B Or Ike's Up+B.

If You See Any Blast Boxes, or Green Shells while trying to get the trophy, get rid of them. Bold text

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