Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion
Luigis Mansion.jpg
Enter all three levels of the stage and join the Brawl!

Luigi's Mansion is set on a tall cliff. A three-tiered level, breaking a support beam will cause a corresponding platform to collapse. When it's completely destroyed, it rebuilds itself after a period of time.

[edit] Music

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Castle/Boss Fortress(Super Mario World/SMB 3)
  • Airship Theme(Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • Tetris Type A
  • Tetris Type B

[edit] How To Unlock

This stage will be unlocked after winning 3 brawls with Luigi. In addition, only one event has Luigi's Mansion which is the "Refurbishment" Event. It is a coin battle where you must get 500 coins before the opponent. The bad point though, is that you must not destroy any of the platforms.

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