Ike's official art.
Series Fire Emblem
Weight Heavy
Costumes  ?
Special Moves Eruption, Aether, Quick Draw, Counter
Final Smash Great Aether


[edit] Background

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Ike, as he appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, is the leader of the Greil mercenaries is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unlike his Fire Emblem counter-part, Marth, Ike is a very slow and clunky character, but his strength is outstanding!

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Role in SSE

Ike you meet with Marth and Meta Knight shortly after those two team up. Ike cuts a bomb in half from the Ancient Minister using Great Aether on it. They would then chase the Ancient Minister afterwards. He will also find Galleom which falls into a hall where it finds Lucas and Pokémon Trainer.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Ike was announced to make his second appearance of the series in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U in the Daily Image update on May 23rd, 2014.

[edit] Multi-player

[edit] Pros

  • Heavy Weight
  • Lots of moves of high K.O. potential
  • Most moves have high knock back
  • Kills at low percentages
  • Two different recoveries.
  • Second strongest character in game
  • Extremely powerful smashes

[edit] Cons

  • Very Laggy
  • Gimpable recovery
  • Bad air game
  • Weak throws
  • Bad recovery move (No range)

[edit] Moveset

[edit] Special Attacks

  • B-Eruption

Ike pulls his sword above his head and charges, when done charging or B is let go of he stabs his sword in to the ground where the ground explodes dealing some damage to himself. Like his Aether attack, at one time he is immune to knockback, but not damage itself.

  • Side B-Quick Draw

Ike gets into a charging position and when he is done charging or B is let go of he lunges across the field at a very fast speed, the longer it is held the further he will lunge and the stronger the attack is.

  • Down B-Counter

This is much like Marth's counter attack, but his is slower than Marth's but reflects back x1.2 damage dealt with a minimum of 10% while Marth's does x1.1 damage dealt with a minimum of 8%.

  • Up B-Aether

Ike knocks his opponent into the air, throwing his sword after them, jumps and catches his sword and slams the opponent back to the ground. After he has touched the ground he is shortly immune to knockback.

  • Final Smash-Great Aether

Ike knocks his opponent into the air, throwing the sword after them like above, jumps and catches the sword then does a number of slashes and a few kicks then slams his opponent into the ground, which on contact makes an explosion knocking the opponent away. While Ike is doing this he is invincible.

[edit] Ground Attacks

  • Neutral A (16%)

Ike first punches them, then kicks them, then finishes by stepping forward and slashing them.

  • Dash A (8%)

Ike lunges with his sword good range but slow.

  • Forward Tilt/Ftilt (15%)

Ike does a horizontal slash, good knockback.

  • Up Tilt/Utilt (12%)

Ike holds his sword horizontally and raises his sword above his head.

  • Down Tilt/Dtilt (14%)

Slashes along the ground, good range but very slow

  • Forward Smash/Fsmash (20-3%)

Ike Swings his sword overhead, this is a good kill move doing much damage and having good knockback

  • Up Smash/Usmash (17%)

Ike swings his sword from in front of him, over his head, and around to his back. Great range and good attack

  • Down Smash/Dsmash (13%)

Ike slashes toward the ground on either side of him, fast, good range, and strong.

[edit] Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial/Nair (9%)

Ike swings his sword in an arch around his body, short range but good coverage.

  • Forward Aerial/Fair (13%)

Ike swings his sword over his head and to below him, good range.

  • Backward Aerial/Bair (14%)

Ike does a backward swing with his sword, fast and good killing potential

  • Up Aerial/Uair (14%)

Spins his sword in a helicopter sort of motion.

  • Down Aerial/Dair (16%)

Thrusts his sword down under him. Good meteor smash attack

[edit] Grabs

  • Grab attack (3%)

Headbutts them

  • Forward Throw (6%)

Throws the opponent in front of him and kicking them.

  • Backward Throw (6%)

Ike throws the opponent backwards while kicking them.

  • Up Throw (6%)

Throws his sword in the ground and uppercuts the opponent.

  • Down Throw (6%)

Throws the opponent down and stomps on them sending them in the air.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Trivia

  • Ike is the only character to successfully destroy a subspace bomb.

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