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This stage originates from the Kirby games. It consists of two main platforms, the top one being fall-through. The stage starts inside of a launch station, and if you're not careful you could get left behind and die offscreen very quickly. Afterwards the platforms fly around the Halberd. At one point you land on part of the Halberd which includes three hazards:

  • Lock-on laser cannon.
  • Claw arm.
  • Bombs shot from the cannon.
The laser cannon

[edit] Music

  • Meta Knight's Revenge
  • The Legendary Air Ride Machine
  • Gourmet Race
  • Butter Building
  • King Dedede's Theme
  • Squeak Squad Theme
  • Vs. Marx
  • Boss Theme Medley
  • Check Knights
  • Forest/Nature Area
  • Frozen Hillside

[edit] Role in Subspace

The Halberd was captured by the Subspace Army and used to transport their troops. In many cutscenes, it was seen dropping Shadow Bugs which turned into Primids. Some levels, including a boss fight, took place inside and outside the battleship. When the heroes invaded Subspace, the Halberd was sacrificed to distract Bowser and Ganondorf so that they could destroy the Subspace Gunship (see The Great Invasion).

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