Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone, as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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Green Hill Zone is set in the first Sonic game. It consists of a valley flanked by 2 plateaus. The checkpoint stands can be attacked and hit anyone near it (besides the attacker). Sometimes you may even see Knuckles, Tails, and/or Silver from the Sonic series running around in the background. Also the middle sections of the valley sometimes collapses, and you yourself can make them collapses but attacking the certain spots. This stage is rather small compared to others.

[edit] Tips

  • "The object with the blue ball on top is called a Point Marker. A Point Marker will twirl when the ball is hit, dealing damage to anyone too close."

[edit] Music

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Angel Island Zone
  • Scrap Brain Zone
  • Emerald Hill Zone
  • Sonic Boom
  • Super Sonic Racing
  • Open Your Heart
  • Live & Learn
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Right There Right on
  • HIS WORLD(Instrumental)
  • Seven Rings in Hand

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