Fighting Wire Frames

Fighting Wire Frames
Wire Frame.jpg
The male and female Wire Frames.
Series Appearance Super Smash Bros. Melee
Appearance Purple wires shaped into a person with a SSB logo for a face.
How many 30 (in Classic/Adventure mode)

The SSB series usually has an army that has to be fought in Classic Mode. For the original SSB, the army was the Fighting Polygon Team. For Melee, the Classic Mode army were the Wire Frames. Like the army before, they were fought before the showdown against Master Hand or Crazy Hand. If the player was on Adventure mode, Bowser and Giga Bowser were fought afterwords.

Unlike the Polygons, there were only two variations of the Wire Frames-the male and the female. The male resembled and fought like Captain Falcon, and the female resembled and fought like Zelda. Usually their difficulty increased as their numbers decreased. Wire Frames could be fought in Multi-Man mode, Classic Mode, and Adventure Mode.

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