Endless Man Mode

Endless Man Mode is a mode where you fight infinite enemies until you die. The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible.

[edit] History

The mode was introduced in Melee under the title "Endless Melee." The opponent(s) are the Male and Female Fighting Wire Frames. The main catch: the longer you go, the better the enemies fight.

Endless Man returned in Brawl under the title "Endless Brawl." This time, the opponents are the Fighting Alloys. The AI of the Alloys gets better the more KO's you get, just like Melee, but there's an added twist to the formula: every 25 KO's or so a playable character will appear at random as an opponent. Their KO's count just the same, but unlike the Alloys, they still use their Special Attacks and still go through a Star KO animation when defeated.

For both versions of Endless Man, the stage utilized is the Battlefield.

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