Drago Shi
Alias dragoshi1 // Dragoshi12 // Draking // Drago Shi
Real Name Name changed
Age 15
Location Florida, US
Status dead or Alive
Alternate costumes Dragon,Female,Wolf,Bigger dragon,banhammer


[edit] About him

A user from the neoseeker forums, and from the facepunch forums. Drago Shi usually goes by the alias Drago,Draking, or Dragoshi.

[edit] In Brawl

Dragoshi1 is a very powerful Yoshi user in Super Smash Bros. Brawl,and his strategies center around using yoshi's clumsiness and overall offensive abilities to win a match,relying less on defense. He refers to himself as a "Yoshi King",being an undefeatable yoshi in Grudge matches aimed at his yoshi.

He is also a worthy Charizard opponent,relying less on Squirtle and Ivysaur,and more on Charizard's brute strength. He refuses to use the other 2,rather feeling more powerful as Charizard. Although Pokémon Trainer owns charizard, Dragoshi1 still refers to himself as a "Zard King".

Drago gets frustrated easily in Online brawl matches,to the point of choosing a spam character, or leaving the match after the match has ended. Here is a list of the things that upset him;

  • Spamming characters like Pit,Kirby,and Wolf
  • Despises Wolf beyond everything else
  • Hates it when people dodge an entire match to start a Sudden Death
  • Hates it when any Items besides the Smash ball is turned on
  • Hates characters that have large hitboxes, and thus can deflect every attack Yoshi has
  • Hates it when Fox,Falco and Wolf users spam the laser
  • Hates Landmasters - period
  • Despises Battlefield
  • Hates any stage with platforms,except for Yoshi's Island,Pokémon Stadium 1 and Pokémon Stadium 2, and Hyrule Temple
  • Hates it when players ask to go to Lylat Cruise or Corneria, do the special Fox/Falco taunt for the level,and then refuses to fight
  • Hates it when people join a match, lose once to Yoshi, and then quit after that first match
  • Despises playing against characters like Marth or Jigglypuff that only jump and attack thw hole match,ledge camp,and then spam. He REALLY hates that,and generally removes such people from his friend's list,deeming them unworthy of brawling with him

[edit] In MKWii

Dragoshi1, shockingly, does not favor Yoshi in MKWii. He instead would rather tear up the competition as Princess Rosalina, Dry Bones, or Bowser, favoring heavy characters over everything else.

[edit] In HALO 3

Dragoshi1 is a veichle master on Multiplayer maps in HALO 3. He does things that are deemed impossible by other players,like launching himself and a chopper halfway across a map to score a triple kill, and driving a ghost inside the bottom floor of a base in VALHALLA to score a triple kill by simply splattering. Dragoshi1 excells at VIP matches on Covy maps, and adores CTF maps,although he can never seem to grab a flag. He despises bomb runs,deeming them too suckish and boring to play.


Dragoshi1 for reasons unknown favors female characters in SCIV. Preferring to use Talim and Xaunghua,and Angol Fear over other characters. He dislikes the online game modes,because of ridiculous amounts of spam from the opponent. Dragoshi1 despises Tower of Souls,referring it to "A spammer's training mode",implying the only way to win is to spam. Dragoshi1 also dislikes the Apprentice,who when faced in arcade mode deals impossible comboes in short bursts of time.

[edit] In World of Warcraft

Dragoshi1 owns 2 characters in the famous MMORPG.

  • Abadabos:A level 32 male Hunter Troll,accompanied by his Tiger,Teika,and his raptor,SwiftTalon.
  • Momoka:A level 12 female Rogue Blood Elf.

Dragoshi1 resides on the SHANDRIS server.

[edit] In Burnout Paradise

Dragoshi1 is an adept speedster in the game, preffering the Walmart CTR and the BestBuy promo car. Dragoshi1 likes facing anyone in a race, and ironically, this is the only game that does not frustrate him online.

[edit] In SPORE

Dragoshi1 enjoys creating beasts, and prefers the creature phase for it's MMO qualities. His dreaded Hydraxian creation has it's on planet under space phase.

[edit] Favorite stuff

Likes Yoshi beyond anything,same with dragons. He has a DeviantART page,and countless comics that are usually well recieved to it's viewers,the most popular being the recently canceled Pokemon 1/2,followed by NINTENDO COMPANY, a 3-D comic made using GARRY'S MOD.

Loves the movie called WALL-E,Jurassic Park,Jaws,King Kong,and Kung Fu Panda.

His favorite anime are RANMA 1/2,Kyouran kazoku nikki,Clannad,Lucky Star,the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,Dragon Half,and Sailor Moon(a nostalgic anime for him,last seen at 4 years old)

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