Come On! Blue Falcon!

Event Match 24: Come On! Blue Falcon!
Event Match 24: Come On! Blue Falcon!
Character Used Captain Falcon(1 Stock)
Opponent R.O.B(Infinite Stock)
R.O.B(Infinite Stock)
Stage Port Town Aero Dive
Availability Unlockable

Game Description: Dawdle too much and the race will end! Ride the Blue Falcon to victory!

Come On, Blue Falcon! is the twenty-fourth single player event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this event, the player will take control of Captain Falcon. He will go up against a team of R.O.Bs and Captain Falcons objective is to kill both of the R.O.B by using his Final Smash, the Blue Falcon. The R.O.B. will have unlimited stock unless they are killed by the Blue Falcon. This event only lasts until the finish line on the stage Port Town Aero Dive. If the two R.O.B. are not killed before the finish line, then the player will fail the event match.

But for completing this event match, the player will unlock the Fire Field track for the Port Town Aero Drive stage.

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