Boxing Ring

Punch Out!!
Boxing Ring
Boxing Ring (Wii U).jpg
Boxing Ring in Wii U version
Universe Punch Out!!
Home Stage Little Mac
Availability Starter
Boxing Ring is a stage that appears in the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, the game in which it makes it's debut in the Smash Bros. series. It hails from the Punch Out!! series, where it's Home Stage character also appears, Little Mac.


[edit] Design

[edit] Character Titles

Exclusive to Super Smash Bros. Wii U, the giant screen that oversees the stage displays portraits of the fighters in the match, as well as displaying character titles beneath them.

Character Character Title
Mario Mr. Video Game Himself Smashes Bricks with His Fist
Luigi The Eternal Understudy Lean, Green Fighting Machine
Peach Princess of Toadstools Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Bowser King of the Koopas
Yoshi Omnivore of the Year He's Not Yolking Around
Rosalina & Luma The Cosmic Travelers Cosmic Travellers
Bowser Jr. Prince of the Koopas Like Father, Like Son
Larry Koopa The Youngest Leader of the Seven Minions
Roy Koopa The Cool One Fear the Shades
Wendy O. Koopa The Bold Beauty Bold, Bossy and Big-Headed
Iggy Koopa The Laughing Prankster
Morton Koopa Jr. The Enforcer He'll Make You See Stars
Lemmy Koopa Wacky War Machine Let's Get Wacky
Ludwig von Koopa Pompous Prodigy
Wario Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold
Donkey Kong King of the Jungle
Diddy Kong The Acrobat Trigger Happy with His Peanut Popgun
Mr. Game & Watch Master of Two Dimensions
Little Mac Bruiser from the Bronx The Only Numbers He Knows Are "One-Two"
Link Hero of Hyrule
Zelda Hyrule's Wise Princess
Sheik The Illusive Sheikah A Sheikah Shrouded In Mystery
Ganondorf The King of Darkness The King of Evil
Toon Link Wind-Waking Warrior Wave-Riding, Wind-Waking Warrior
Samus Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire
Zero Suit Samus The Warrior Within Low Armour, High Agility
Pit Captain of Lady Palutena's Guard Lady Palutena's Captain of the Guard
Palutena Goddess of Light
Marth The Hero-King The Legendary Hero-King
Ike The Radiant Hero of Legend The Radiant Hero
Robin The Tactician Magician Tome-Toting Strategist
Duck Hunt Bark, Quack, Boom! The Most Unlikely of Partnerships
Kirby The Pink Puffball Gritty in Pink
King Dedede The King of Dream Land Says He's King, and That's That
Meta Knight The Masked Swordsman
Fox Leader of Star Fox Never Gives Up! Trusts His Instincts!
Falco Proud Space Ace
Pikachu Pika Pika! The Electric Mouse Pokémon
Charizard Blazing Fury
Lucario Master of Aura Exudes Power
Jigglypuff The Sleepy Singer The Delightful Balloon Pokémon
Greninja Master of Stealth The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon
R.O.B. The Last of His Kind Robotic Obliterating Buddy
Ness The PSI Powerhouse
Captain Falcon The Supersonic Slugger Supersonic F-Zero Pilot
Villager Mayor of Smashville
Olimar Veteran Astronaut
Alph Astronaut in Training Novice Explorer, Engineering Pro
Wii Fit Trainer (Female) Yoga Warrior She'll Make You Feel the Burn!
Wii Fit Trainer (Male) The BMI Bandit He'll Blast Your Core!
Shulk The Visionary Has Visions of Victory
Dr. Mario The Prescriber Fists Full of Medicine
Dark Pit Dark-Winged Doppelgänger
Lucina Warrior from a Doomed Future Defiant of Destiny
Pac-Man The Yellow Bane of Ghosts Ghost-Gobbler
Mega Man Blue Metal Hero The Blue Bomber
Sonic The Blue Blur Speed is His Game
Mii Brawler The Brawler of Many Faces
Mii Swordfighter The Swordfighter of Many Faces
Mii Gunner The Gunner of Many Faces
Mewtwo A Legend Reawakens
Lucas Boy from Nowhere The Tazmilian Devil
Roy The Young Lion
Ryu Tireless Wanderer
Cloud SOLDIER 1st Class
Corrin Blood of Dragons
Bayonetta Umbra Witch

[edit] Origin

[edit] Stage Tips

  • "Use the ropes around the ring to jump high into the air. These ropes let fighters who have no ups reach the lights overhead!"

[edit] Gallery

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